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Marcus & Associates and Hoare•Dalton provide a comprehensive range of professional services, including accounting, taxation, business valuation and litigation support.

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Marcus & Associates
Accounting, tax and business advisory services

Sandra E. Carey 519.433.7011
F. Marcella Grail 519.434.4939
Richard J. Kohn 519.433.9817
Donald J. MacDonald 519.433.6578
Gerald S. Marcus 519.433.5507
Terry G. Marcus 519.433.9261
Mike A. Opdecam 519.433.1054
Tim Shanks 519.433.0865
Paul A. Traher 519.433.7146
Litgation support and valuation services

Lindsay Campbell 519.953.3450
Karen S. Dalton 519.433.1661
Chris Gray 519.953.3455
James B. Hoare 519.433.5844

Marcus & Associates Hoare•Dalton
131 Wharncliffe Road South
London, Ontario
Canada N6J 2K4
T: 519.433.9231
F: 519.645.1397